Our timber is used extensively within the construction industry. It is used both in traditional building and timber frame structures, constructed both onsite and offsite. Our timber is used across all sectors, refurbishments & extensions as well as new builds.

Murray Timber Group was the first Irish Sawmill to offer planed all over, eased edge construction timber as standard. This raised the bar on quality and presentation to an unprecedented level. Kiln dried timber from Murray Timber Group is X-Ray graded according to the European EN14081 machine grading standard.  The timber is planed after the drying process to ensure maximum uniformity of size and ease of handling for our end user.  All our construction timber bears the CE mark to denote it's conformity to the European directive.

The drying process is critical to the quality of construction timber as wood moisture has a significant influence over various properties of the timber, such as, dimensional tolerance & stability and endurance and thus the overall quality of the finished building.

Our timber can be sourced through your local builder merchant.  If you want quality, just look for the SNR brand.